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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)epg an Eiffel Parser Generator

Written by Christoph Zenger

epg.taz (16,799 bytes) - wraps Unix tools or their DOS equivalents
example.taz (8,115 bytes) - Eiffel grammar, plus sample application for Eiffel/S 1.3


epg was developed on a UNIX - System V.

It makes heavy use of the UNIX - tools yacc, lex and sed, so if you want to run epg, you should first install these,  or compatibles like bison and flex.


The example contains an Eiffel grammar, plus a sample program for Eiffel/S 1.3 to demonstrate the use of epg.

The sample application reads Eiffel source code and reports on unused local variables, and variables which are read before they are written to.


The file INSTALL describes how to install epg.


The file DOCU contains a short user - manual for epg.

The Program

If you are interested in how the program works, you have to refer the source-code comments.

Bugs, Improvements, Suggestions

Bug - reports, suggestions or patches with improvements are welcome. The file TODO contains a few things that are planned for the future. Which of them will be implemented also depends on the feedback.

Authors address

Christoph Zenger
Eggensteiner Str. 97
D - W7500 Karlsruhe 21

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