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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)RX - Regular Expression Library

Written by Bruce Wielinga.

eif_rx.tar.gz (108,520 bytes)
http://www.ign.com.au/~wielinga/Computing.html (for information)


Here is a set of two classes, along with some C code which impliments a basic wrapper around the GNU rx regular expression library.

This code was developed and tested on Linux for the SmallEiffel compiler.

To install, simply add location of the classes to the loadpath, and link with regex_glue.c or a compiled version.

To use:

the class REGEX_COMPILER, which may be used expanded or inherited from, is used to create regular expressions. The basic procedure uses `compile' on the pattern of the expression, with succeeded true if the pattern could be compiled, and last_regex then containing the compiled regex object. There are also a number of flags which may be set to change this behaviour, the action of which is as in the rx manual.

A compiled regular expression is used with the match procedure in class REGEX. After a match 'succeeded' is true if the string matched. The substrings of the match are available from item(i) and the number of substrings is the value of count. item(0) contains the string matched by the whole expreesion.


Mainly I havn't done much on the error reporting in the regular expression compilation processes beyond reporting the presence of an error.

this library is from

Share and enjoy,

Bruce Wielinga (wielinga@ign.com.au)

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