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SEEdIE: SmallEiffel Editor In Eiffel

Written by Steven White.

seedie.zip (336,259 bytes) — source code
http://www.elj.com/elj-win32/seed/ (SEEd home page — a home page for SEEdIE is not available yet)
sjwhite@apexmail.com Mail address of Steven White
http://www.barf.homepad.com/The Home Page of Steven White


I first wrote SEEd. An editor written in C++ that had features such as compilation output appearing in a Windows window, error stepping, syntax hilighting, class browsing and feature/class navigation by control double clicking a word. Soon after, Geoff Eldridge introduced me to GRAPE, Object Tools Open Source graphical programming system. I took the challenge to convert GRAPE to work with SmallEiffel (SE) but found that in order to do decent testing I needed to build a complex program using GRAPE and SE.

SEEdIE was created to allow me to do that testing. SEEdIE has most of the features of SEEd and except for the GRAPE.LIB, C_CODE.LIB and CARET.LIB it is entirely written in Eiffel.

SEEdIE requires no external DLLs and weighs in at around 450kb.

Note that the equivelent program executable size in C++ using Microsofts C++ version 5.0 is over 110KB bigger than the SE version although the SE version requires around 35% more memory than the C++ version.

SEEdIE Features

The feature set includes:


Being my second Eiffel program and written using a graphics library I had never seen before I am happy with how SEEdIE has turned out. SEEdIE is only the start though. As a first version it does not necessarily do things the 'best way'.

An updated version of SEEdIE was in progress which aimed to be compatible with other compilers. While significant progress was made with Visual Eiffel compatibility I was not able to compile the GRAPE library (even without my changes) to work correctly with Visual Eiffel so I have inlcuded the SE only version with this release. As this editor is for developing SE programs I felt it more important that the SE compiler be given precedence for this particular program. A more complete program may use the GOBO or PYLON libraries and FENESTRA.

The programs SEEd, SEEdIE, SEEd Debugger and GRAPE for SE were created over a 8 week period. Programming has been virtually non-stop and during this period I was learning SmallEiffel, Eiffel in general, porting GRAPE to SmallEiffel and adding several new functions to GRAPE. I also implemented the fixes and new features to the Visual Eiffel version of GRAPE.

The source code is free for use so newer, bigger and better functionality can be added by anyone. With the edition of a couple of new features it will be an very good environment to do programming in and with the combination of SEEdIE, SE and GRAPE, it makes a good Eiffel system reachable by anyone, entirely free or charge.

To make Eiffel the language of choice more awareness of Eiffel is needed. It is my hope that my contribution will entice more C/C++ programmers to try Eiffel and be amazed that they ever thought C++ was 'good'.

Steven White

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