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ISE File Compatibility

Written by Steven White.

Version 0.7

file_compatability_0_7.zip (4,000 bytes) - source code
sjwhite@apexmail.com Steven White (maintainer) mail address.


When I made the BINARY_FILE_SEARCH class I needed cursor navigation features. As I was using ISE Eiffel I used the PLAIN_TEXT_FILE class as it let me place the file pointer anywhere within the file. When I converted the BINARY_FILE_SEARCH class to SmallEiffel then later Visual Eiffel I found that their file classes were rather different.

Because of this I built these classes which added the required cursor positioning functionality.

The SmallEiffel version does not inherit from any other file class. Because of this it may be missing features you want. Specifically, it can write strings but has no function for writing integers, boolean or other types.


Only one of these files is required as the class ending in .se is for SmallEiffel and the class ending in .ve is for Visual Eiffel. Change the appropriate classes extension to .e. The class is now ready for use.

Steven White: sjwhite@apexmail.com
01 April 1999 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 30 December 1999)

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