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Chart Parser

Written by Steven White.

Version 1.0

chart_parser_1_0.zip (189,000 bytes) - source code
sjwhite@apexmail.com Steven White (maintainer) mail address.


The Chart Parser allows a string to parsed based on a grammar description and a dictionary. The example program has a dictionary and an example grammar. The dictionary normally only contains the root word as the RULES_OF_DETACHMENT class processes plurality and tense.

Once setup a string is fired at the parser and the parser returns an array of successful parses, if any.

The parse result is a tree. Included is a utility class called TREE_TO_TEXT which will give a parenthesized representation of the parse. For example the string "the nurses on the report see that they suffer the arrows of outrageous fortune" becomes:


Displayed as a tree this is how the parse looks. I tree below I built manually :-)

         |                             |
  +------NP------+             +-------VP-------+                         
  |    |         |             |    |           |
 DET   NP     +-PP--+          V   REL   +------S-------+                      
  |    |      |     |          |    |    |              |
 ART   N    PREP  +-NP--+     SEE  THAT  NP      +------VP------+                  
  |    |      |   |     |                |       |              |
 THE NURSE   ON  DET    NP               N       V      +-------NP-------+            
                  |     |                |       |      |     |          |
                 ART    N               PRO    SUFFER  DET    NP   +----PP-----+          
                  |     |                |              |     |    |           |
                 THE  REPORT            THEY           ART    N   PREP     +---NP----+    
                                                        |     |    |       |         |
                                                       THE  ARROW  OF     ADJ        NP    
                                                                           |         |
                                                                       OUTRAGEOUS    N    

This program is based on a C++ program. Unfortunately I don't have to C++ version anymore so I have no idea who wrote the original version. The C++ version tought me that C++ can be a lot more unreadable than C let alone Eiffel!

I did put together a couple of good grammar files but (as always) they have disappeared into the digital eather and what I am left with is not barely parses anything. If you put together a good comprehensive grammar or extend the parser I would appreciate a copy! :-)

This version is fairly slow under Visual Eiffel with ISE Eiffel being almost twice as fast. I have no idea why as Visual Eiffel seems pretty quick with my other programs.


The parser has the following dependancies:

EIFFELBASE				(array and queues...)

If you are not using an ISE compiler then you will need to obtain my ISE File Compatibility class which makes SmallEiffel and Visual Eiffel more compatible with ISE's PLAIN_TEXT_FILE class.

All these classes are available from http://www.eiffel-forum.org/archive/white/ After installing the above support files copy the Parser and Word directories in this archive to a convenient location. Add the paths to your loadpath file if using SmallEiffel. If your using Visual Eiffel use Add Cluster to add the files to your project.

Steven White: sjwhite@apexmail.com
01 April 1999 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 30 December 1999)

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