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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)TowerEiffel Unix Tools

Written by Nicolas Waquier (nicolas@esclare.fdn.org)

Available in the tools directory of the structure library - structure-0.8.tar.gz (36,386 bytes)


Some Unix tools I use daily for TowerEiffel (shell scripts, awk scripts, icons). Parts of these can be reused with other compilers, particularly on Unix (ISE, SiG), or with TowerEiffel (OS/2)


icons icons (tiff) you can use directly on Nextstep, or convert and use on any other system
short a new command 'doshort' which produces the eshort form for a whole library, sorted cluster by cluster
  • an eiffel-compile command (ec)
  • an eiffel-short command (es)
  • a class statistizer (estat)

"To do" list

I'd like to include in the next version a tool for converting standard class names to dos-file names. This tool (a set of eiffel classes based on 'structure' cluster) will use the 'epeek' tool.

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