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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Basic Data Structures 0.8

Written by Nicolas Waquier (nicolas@esclare.fdn.org)

structure-0.8.tar.gz (36,386 bytes)


Structure is intended to be the first Reusable Component in Eiffel based on PELKS, and so, independent of any compiler/implementer.

As a true Reusable Component, it comes with complete documentation, BON diagrams, short form of the classes, a test framework and examples of extensions.



a set of documents related to this library, bon diagrams.
the 'structure' clusters (list, sort...) - sort is not polished neither as tested is list.
components builds from 'structure' (examples)
test classes
release notes
the short form of some classes
some tools (shell scripts, nextstep icons...)


If you use another compiler, please help me make this cluster implementation independent (send me the output of your compiler, your comments or advice...)

Development platform


Today, commercial libraries are built on compiler suppliers' libraries. For example, EPWL on the Eiffel/S library; EiffelParse-Lex on the ISE BASE library; Tower Motif components on Eiffel Booch components. This is a limiting factor, regarding diffusion, availability, interoperability, etc... The industry is still looking for plug and play Eiffel components.

The Eiffel community needs more libraries (Reusable Components), public domain, shareware or commercial. Having to develop a new RC, having to choose a library you will be tied to, is limiting, and prevents such growth.

Some compilers can be purchased without a data structure library (Eon/Eiffel, the basic TowerEiffel system). Do you want to spend six weeks to develop such a library before starting the real work?


At the time of building this cluster, the PELKS recommendations were not implemented by available compilers. Structure is developed with TowerEiffel, and for now, can't be used with other compilers without substantial modifications.


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