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ORBit-Eiffel: An Eiffel Language Binding for ORBit

Written by Brian Wallis.

Version 0.2.1

ORBit-Eiffel-0_2_1.tar.gz (187,000 bytes) - source code
bwallis@acm.org Brian Wallis (maintainer) mail address.


Contained herein is an adaption of the ORBit idl compiler to generate Eiffel classes plus some partially implemented ORB classes in Eiffel.

The Corba language binding used is from the document "An Eiffel Language Mapping for CORBA IDL" version 1.1 dated 29th March 1998. An online copy might still be found at http://www.melvaig.co.uk/icl/IDLtoEiffel.html.

This mapping was proposed to the OMG for inclusion in the Corba standards but was not accepted at the time, the proposal seems to have stagnated since.

There is enough implemented to build and run a simple client in Eiffel. (see directories test and examples)

There has been little testing, this is really *really* alpha stuff. I build and run on a pretty stock standard Redhat 6.0 i386 Linux system


See the TODO file for some idea of what is missing, in particular nothing is implemented yet to do CORBA servers.

Todo (as of 0.2.1)

Changes last Release to Release 0.2.1

Changes from last release. (see ChangeLog for more detail)


Brian Wallis: bwallis@acm.org
Homepage: http://www.alphalink.com.au/~tabbycat/ORBit-Eiffel/
8th August 1999 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 23 December 1999)

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