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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Emacs mode for Eiffel 3

Written by Tower Technology Corporation.

eiffel3.tar.z (49,490 bytes)

Copyright (c) 1993-1996 Tower Technology Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

This file is made available for use and distribution under the same terms as GNU Emacs. Such availability of this elisp file should not be construed as granting such availability to the rest of TowerEiffel.

Portions of the file were derived from "eiffel.el" (developed by Stephen Omohundro, ISE and Bob Weiner) and "eif-mult-fmt.el" (developed by Bob Weiner). eiffel.el and eif-mult-fmt.el are Copyright (C) 1989, 1990 Free Software Foundation, Inc. and Bob Weiner. Available for use and distribution under the same terms as GNU Emacs.


To install, simply copy the file eiffel3.el into a directory in your load-path and add the following two commands in your .emacs file:

(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\\.e$" . eiffel-mode) auto-mode-alist))
(autoload 'eiffel-mode "eiffel3" "Mode for Eiffel programs" t)


TowerEiffel users should do the following instead: See the file dot-emacs that comes with the TowerEiffel distribution for a sample ".emacs" file. If all Tower elisp files are already in your load-path, then simply add the following line to your .emacs file:

(load "tinstall")

TowerEiffel provides additional Emacs support for Eiffel programming that integrates Emacs with Tower's Eiffel compiler, documentation, and browsing tools. For more information on these tools and their Emacs interface contact Tower Technology Corporation:

tower@twr.com (to reach a human being)
info@twr.com (automated file server)


Please send bug reports, fixes or enhancements to elisp@atlanta.twr.com


This file has been tested with Epoch 4.0, Emacs 18.59, Lucid Emacs 19.6, 19.8 and 19.10 and Gnu Emacs 19. Syntax highlighting is currently supported under Lemacs with lhilit.el and font-lock.el or Gnu Emacs 19.22 with hilit19.el.

This version is reported to not work with XEmacs 20.x. We've not yet had a chance to figure out why. If you fix it, or have insights in what we need to do to fix it, please let us know.

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