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Tools for Eiffel Developers

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See also the Eiffel Classes and Clusters pages on the Eiffel Archive for tools that are supplied with Eiffel source code or Eiffel libraries.

Eiffel Compilers - Free

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
SmallEiffel -0.78
5 June 1999
SmallEiffel -0.77 Beta 1
22 July 1999
Dominique Colnet
Eiffel-to-JVM and Eiffel-to-C compiler, libraries and tools with source code Amiga, BSD, DOS, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, Macintosh, NeXT, OS/2, Solaris, VMS, Windows 95, Windows NT, XENIX GNU GPL and copyrighted freeware
Visual Eiffel 2.6 Lite
12 November 1998
Object Tools
Native Eiffel compiler, debugger and IDE with size limits and a few features disabled Windows 95 or NT Lite version is free
elj-win32 0.40
17 June 1999
Geoff Eldridge
A win32 compatible SmallEiffel Distribution Windows 95/NT GNU GPL and copyrighted freeware
Eiffel/S 2.0 Lite
3 February 1998
Object Tools GmbH
A size-limited free version of Eiffel/S 2.0 Eiffel-to-C compiler (Beta) PowerPC Macintosh with CodeWarrior Lite version is free
FEC V0.03 Beta
27 October 1997
Fridtjof Siebert
Native Eiffel compiler for SUN/SPARC (Beta) with source code Sun/Sparc (Solaris) Gnu GPL
24 August 1997
Pirmin Kalberer
J-Eiffel is an Eiffel compiler with JVM code generation (under development) Eiffel source,
Java Virtual Machine
Copyrighted freeware
1 March 1996
Damien Guichard
Eiffel compiler for Amiga.
Defines an interesting platform-independent "Abstract Eiffel Machine".
Source code in Amiga E,
generates native code for Motorola 68k for Amiga.
Copyrighted freeware

Eiffel Compilers - Commercial and Shareware

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
iss-base v3.0 beta
12 October 1998
Halstenbach ACT
iss-bench workbench, iss-base Eiffel-to-C compiler, iss-baselib libraries Windows 95 or NT Free 90-day trial upon registration
ISE Eiffel 4.2
18 February 1998
Interactive Software Engineering, Inc.
EiffelBench compiler and environment, EiffelBase, WEL, Eiffel2Java and EiffelThreads libraries, Legacy++, Eiffel Resource Bench Windows 95 or NT, Linux Free 30-day trial upon installation
Eiffel/S 1.3 shareware
10 October 1995
Object Tools GmbH
Eiffel/S 1.3 (with a few restrictions compared to the commercial release) DOS, Linux, SunOS, FreeBSD Shareware
Eon Eiffel v3122p4 beta
19 November 1994
Ian Leonard
Eiffel-to-C++ compiler (Beta) DOS, Linux Shareware
VICI 1.02
14 March 1993
Peter Seitz
Eiffel 2.3 interpreter.
Supports quantifiers "ForAll" and "Exists" in assertions.
Atari ST Shareware

Editors, Source Code Tools, Development Environments

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
3 March 1999
Mike Jones
A keyword highlighting text editor written in eiffel. Visual Eiffel, uses Grape Eiffel Forum Freeware License
SEE: SmallEiffel Engineer
1 October 1999
Pascal Poncin
A command line wrapper tool for SmallEiffel which also extends the functionality of SmallEiffel SmallEiffel 0.77 (beta) GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Exuberant Ctags
20 September 1999
Darren Hiebert
Generates tag files for Eiffel source files. Unix, Win 95/NT, MSDOS, OS/2, VMS, Amiga GNU GPL
SEEdIE v1.0
30 September 1998
Steven White
Editor and development environment for SmallEiffel written in Eiffel with GRAPE. SmallEiffel -0.80 on Windows 95/NT Eiffel Forum Freeware License
VIM mode for Eiffel 3
20 February 1998
Jocelyn Fiat
VIM mode for Eiffel 3 and Lace VIM Copyrighted freeware
UltraEdit Support
30 January 1998
Geoff Eldridge
Syntax highlighting for UltraEdit UltraEdit Public domain
NEdit Support
14 June 1999
Darren Hiebert
Syntax highlighting for NEdit NEdit Public domain
8 October 1996
Franck Arnaud
Eiffel language support for Codewright editor Codewright 3.1h DLL (Windows NT Intel) Copyrighted freeware
Check spaces & tabs
24 September 1996
Franck Arnaud
Check correct usage of spaces and tabs in an Eiffel class Eiffel source (most) Public domain
22 September 1996
Franck Arnaud
TRAF, a trivial Eiffel pretty printer Eiffel source (most) Public domain
Emacs mode for Eiffel 3
2 January 1996
Tower Technology Corp.
Emacs mode for Eiffel 3 Epoch, Emacs, Lucid Emacs, Gnu Emacs Gnu GPL
TowerEiffel Unix Tools
8 March 1995
Nicolas Waquier
Some Unix tools for TowerEiffel (shell scripts, awk scripts, nextstep icons) TowerEiffel 1.3.1 Copyrighted freeware
Multi Edit Support v1
6 April 1993
Nicolas Abou Rjeily
Multi Edit language support for Eiffel Multi Edit and Eiffel/S Copyrighted freeware

Design Tools, CASE Tools, Metrics Tools, Visualization Tools

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
ems v1.2
13 October 1998
Friedrich Dominicus
Eiffel Metrics System ISE Eiffel 3.3.7 to 4.2 Copyrighted freeware
11 March 1998
Jon Avotins and Glenn Maughan
Moncore is an OO Metrics library ISE Eiffel 3.3.7 to 4.2 GNU GPL
EiffelCase 4.2
1 March 1998
Interactive Software Engineering, Inc.
EiffelCase: Graphical support for seamless, reversible O-O development Windows 95 or NT Free 30-day trial upon installation
28 February 1998
Halstenbach ACT
iss-uml - for Analysis and Design Windows 95 or NT Free 90-day trial upon registration
EiffelGraph visualization tool
19 November 1995
Jan Willamowius
Used to visualize the structure of Eiffel software. Produces a graph description that can be viewed with packages like VCG Linux, SunOS 4.x Free for non-commercial use
2 January 2000
Frank Arnaud
A web version of SmallEiffel's short utility SmallEiffel -0.77 Beta#4 http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.html

GUI Builders

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
OLIB 1.1
12 January 1996
Adrian Sieber
OLIB: OPEN LOOK Interface Builder Linux, Solaris
Eiffel source code provided

Validation Suites

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
TEST_ELKS: A basic conformance test suite for Eiffel Kernel Library
14 December 1999
Pierre Metras
TEST_ELKS is a basic conformance test suite for Eiffel Kernel Library (ELKS) ISE/VE/SE Eiffel Forum Freeware License
Conformance Test Suite
22 March 1999
Ian Joyner
... covering the contraints in "Eiffel: The Language" and other language constructs. Provides a framework to add more tests. developed for Unisys Eiffel compiler Eiffel Forum Freeware License
Unrecognized Eiffel
29 September 1998
Alexander Kogtenkov
The collection represents several current deficiencies in the definition of the Eiffel language and of the libraries. Visual Eiffel v2.5 and ISE Eiffel v4.2 on Windows 95 Eiffel Forum Freeware License

Code Generation

GOTE: GTK+ Objects To Eiffel Converter
Version 1.9 - 4 December 1999.
Sam O'Connor
The GOTE converter (The GTK+ Objects To Eiffel converter) automatically generates external C access features for Eiffel. Targets ISE Eiffel 4.5 GNU General Public License

Others, tips

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
SEBL - BeOS API access through Smalleiffel
Version 0.12 - January 13th, 1999.
J.Scott Edwards
Allows programs written using SmallEiffel to access the BeOS API. This is done through Eiffel external C calls which in turn make calls to C++ objects. Targets SmallEiffel -0.79 Eiffel Forum Freeware License

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