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SmallEiffel - The GNU Eiffel Compiler

Written by Dominique Colnet.

se078.tgz (1,888,073 bytes) - source code
se077b1.tgz (1,999,460 bytes) - Version 0.77 Beta 1 source code
http://SmallEiffel.loria.fr/ (SmallEiffel home page)
http://SmallEiffel.loria.fr/general/download.html (for downloads)

SmallEiffel - The Gnu Eiffel Compiler

What is SmallEiffel?

SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel compiler is the fastest and the slimmest multi-platform Eiffel compiler on Earth! It is also one of the cheapest, since it is completely FREE ! :-)

Version - 0.78, released on Saturday June 5th, 1999 is the latest available from the current page. It is the 23rd version of SmallEiffel. To be sure to get the most up-to-date version, always check the original SmallEiffel Web page at SmallEiffel.loria.fr.

SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler is a free open-source Eiffel compiler distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. It is intended to be a complete, though small and very fast, free Eiffel compiler.
It is available for a very wide range of platforms. In fact, SmallEiffel should run on any platform for which an ANSI C - POSIX compiler exists.

The current distribution includes an Eiffel to C compiler, an Eiffel to Java bytecode compiler, a documentation tool, a pretty printer and various other tools, with their sources.

Release - 0.77Beta#1 - is now available :


SmallEiffel features an innovative strategy involving whole system analysis which allows compilation to be often faster than the incremental compilation of traditional compilers.
It is the result of a research project of the ECOO research team of the LORIA, a join computer science research center in Nancy, France, involving:

SmallEiffel has been developed by Dominique Colnet and the SmallEiffel group of ECOO.

This project began in 1994, and since the very first public release in September 1995, SmallEiffel has been used worldwide by increasingly numerous individuals, Universities and corporations.

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