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XVI Library: XView Encapsulation for Eiffel

Written by Adrian Sieber.

xvi-2.4.1.tar.gz (110,670 bytes) - source code
xvi-library.ps.gz (70,584 bytes) - documentation in Postscript
http://www.elj.com/epan/by_author/as/xvi/ (XVI EPAN page)
http://www-iiuf.unifr.ch/sde/projects/xvi/ (XVI home page)
http://www-iiuf.unifr.ch/~sieber/ (Adrian Sieber's home page)


Adrian Sieber
IIUF - University of Fribourg
CH-1700 Fribourg

E-mail: <Adrian.Sieber@unifr.ch>

Do not hesitate to send me your suggestions, bug reports, etc.


XVI is a library of reusable Eiffel components encapsulating the XView toolkit from Sun Microsystems.

With XVI, an OPEN LOOK compliant graphical user interface can be implemented without having to leave the Eiffel world.

The major XView widgets are represented by an Eiffel class and there are also some simple graphical objects which can be used to draw inside a canvas object. Starting with release 2.3 there is also support for network programming with stream sockets.

One of the goals of XVI is to be compatible with most Eiffel compilers available for UNIX-like platforms. With XVI it is possible to implement an Eiffel program with graphical user interface that can be compiled with all supported Eiffel compilers (without having to change the source code).

Supported Eiffel compilers

The current version of XVI has been tested with the following Eiffel compilers:


Make sure your system has one of the supported Eiffel compilers and the XView toolkit installed.

Change to the directory `C-library' inside the directory `xvi'. Have a look at the configuration section of `Makefile' and then do `make clean' followed by `make'.

This should create a library file called `libxvi-<something>.a' where <something> is the three letter code for your Eiffel compiler.

Then change to the `test' directory and compile the test program. Execute the test program to verify that XVI works correctly on your platform (see also file `README' in the `test' directory).

Compiling programs based on the XVI Library

Make sure the directory `xvi' as well as one of the directories

are searched by the Eiffel compiler. You also have to make sure it links the executable with the library file generated in the previous step and the XView and X11 libraries. Depending on your platform you might also have to add other system libraries (for example on Solaris 2.x you need to add "-lsocket" and "-lnsl").

Important: If you are using Eiffel/S 1.3, the class XVI_C_INTF has to be an interface class (see `test.pdl' in the directory `test').

Changes from release 2.2 -> 2.3

Changes from release 2.3 -> 2.4

Terms and Conditions

XVI is free software as defined by the GNU Library License.
See file `COPYING' for details.

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