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Written by Patrick Sch╚onbach.

eint-991226.tar.gz (491,319 bytes) - source code
http://einteractive.dhs.org/ (eInteractive home page)
http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/5357/ (Patrick Sch╚onbach's home page)


Welcome to eInteractive! eInteractive is a library of software components that address the specific needs of interactive applications. Some of the planned components will be usable for console applications as well as for system with a graphical use interface while others will provide mechanisms that are especially useful for console applications. eInteractive is written in Eiffel.

The library was tested with ISE Eiffel 4.4 under Linux and Windows. It also should work with any other Eiffel compilers.

Currently implemented features:

* Single- and Multi-level undo/redo mechanism that can handle single commands as well as command groups consisting of several commands.

* An interface to basic data container components that are independent of the underlying data structure library. Currently, the libraries EiffelBase and GOBO are supported.

Features that are planned for future releases of eInteractive:

* UNIX shell-like command history

* Line-editing features

* UNIX shell-like file-name completion

* Copy-and-paste and clipboard features

The eInteractive web site is located at:


There you will also find the online documentation for this library.

Hope you find eInteactive useful.

Best regards,

Patrick Sch╚onbach
PGP Public Key: Mail to pgp@solidsoft.iksys.de with 'pschoenb' as subject
Fingerprint: 3C FB B0 A7 E2 C2 3B 2D 68 6C 66 7E B7 D5 C2 70
15 October 1999

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