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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Multi Edit Support v1

Written by Nicolas Abou Rjeily, Ulter Systems Ltd.

multi-ed.zip (31,882 bytes)


Template Expansion Macro (<ALT>+<F9> or <SPACE>)

For example, type:


and you get

end; -- loop

Keyword Expansion

Type the first 2-3 letters of an Eiffel reserved keyword, press
<SPACE> and you'll have the entire keyword!

Automatic file header building

Put '--' at the first line of the file and you'll get a class header template conforming to USL/PTT Eiffel style convention.

"feature" clause separator

Builds a 77 character comment line. Just put a '--' in the previous line and press the template expansion key.

Routine comment builder

Makes a 55-character comment line and inserts the routine's name after it.

Comment extension

If you are inside a comment block and press ENTER, then a line which begin with '--' is inserted, and the right indent level is set.

Brackets Matching Macro. (<CTRL>+<F9>)

This feature enable you to match your brackets: '()' '{}', '[]'. Just position the cursor at any beginning or ending bracket and press the <CTRL>+<F9> keystroke, Multi edit will bring you to the matching bracket.Handles any number of nested brackets.

Compound statement matching

Works just like brackets matching, with class...end, from...end, do...end etc.

Matched blocks highlighting

Syntax Highlighting

Compiling Eiffel/S programs from within Multi-Edit

Just press <F9> (or your own custom key) and ME will bring you a commnad line prompt. Enter the name of your project file (PDL file) without extension and press <ENTER>. You'll see compiling process in a window.

If after compiling some errors were found in your project by the Eiffel/S compiler, the file ECC.ERR is loaded in a separate window and the cursor is put at the source-file line that contain the error. if a source file is not already in Mulit Edit window then it will be loaded automaticaly.

Press <SHIFT>+<F9> and you'll jump from one error to next error.

If a PDL file is loaded in some ME Window then its name will be passed automatically to the compiler command line.

If the PDL file is in the current window the compiler will be invoked directly, bypassing the command line prompt.

A History List is added to the command line prompt, so if you are working with multiple projects you can easy switch between them.


Put the following files at your Multi-Edit directory:


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