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SEE: SmallEiffel Engineer

Written by Pascal Poncin.

Version 1

see1.zip (132,000 bytes) - source code
Pascal.Poncin@T-Online.de Pascal Poncin (maintainer) mail address.

What is it?

SmallEiffel Engineer (or "see" for short) is a command line wrapper tool for SmallEiffel which also extends the functionality of SmallEiffel. It is intended to make SmallEiffel easier to use. Although it's code and some of its commands are depending on SmallEiffel it might as well be interesting for other eiffel programmers. By the way,You can get SmallEiffel (which You will need and should have a look into anyway) at:

http://SmallEiffel.loria.fr (which is hosted on http://www.loria.fr)

There's also a highly recommendable binary distribution for Windows 95/NT with a c-compiler and a lot of useful libraries included. It is called ELJ-WIN32 and it is available at:


Also have a look into http://www.eiffel-forum.org where You can find useful other tools and libraries concerning Eiffel.

What features does SmallEiffel Engineer ("see") have?

The I/O facitilies of SmallEiffel Engineer have been encapsulated completely. This will make future ports to some GUI version (or other I/O mechanisms) quite simple.

However this is the very first version and there remain a lot of ideas of what it could be included into it (I just don't have enough resources to do all that at once). These are e.g.: expansion of template files, client/supplier - browsing


You'll need:

A working installation of SmallEiffel (SE for short) with Version -0.78 or better (that is -0.77, -0.76, ...).

That includes the following:
Some c compiler exists on your system.
You've set the SmallEiffel environment variable pointing to the installation path of SE.
You've added the bin path of SE to Your PATH variable.
You've run successfully the "install" program of SE.

If You use ELJ-WIN32: if you installed ELJ-WIN32 and set the appropriate environment variables everything should be OK.

How do I install it?

  1. Install SmallEiffel first. SmallEiffel Engineer won't work without it.

    What You'll have to do is:

    Set the environment variable SmallEiffel to the path.
    Run the Installation as described in the readme of SmallEiffel.
    Set Your "path" variable to SmallEiffel's bin directory.

  2. Unzip the files (if still zipped) into any directory You like.
    Note that You'll need to have read/write/execute access to this directory (Especially under Unix/Linux this is likely to be the source of problems. See Your man entry for "chmod" for details.)
    This is also the case for the SmallEiffel directory where SmallEiffel Engineer will be installed.

  3. Then do one of the following:

    Under Windows9x/NT: run "install.bat"


    under Unix/Linux: run "./install.sh"


    under any (other) platform:
    run: "compile install_see"
    then run: "install_see"
    (or "install_see.exe", under Unix/Linux: "./install_see" )

  4. If everything went OK You will now have two new binaries in Your "bin" directory within the installation path of SmallEiffel: "see" and "semake" (or "see.exe" and "semake.exe").

    "see" is the main command.
    "semake" is a build tool using some "makefile.se".
    (is equivalent with using "see semake" but can be run standalone)

    Also there'll be a new directory "see" (within the installation path of SmallEiffel) in which You find the following subdirectories:

    cfg - which contains configuration files for "SEE"
    src - which contains the (small)eiffel source files of "SEE"
    scripts - which contains some script files (*.see)
    tpls - which contains templates for new files
    doc - which contains documentation on "SEE"

  5. You should now be able to start SmallEiffel Engineer by typing "see" on the console prompt.

Have fun with it!

If You have any problems, bug reports, suggestions or commentaries You can send mail to: Pascal.Poncin@T-Online.de. Also the SmallEiffel and ELJ-WIN32 mailing lists may be of interest for You. For the URLs see above.

License note

SmallEiffel Engineer is published under the terms of GNU GPL. A copy of it is included into this distribution: See the file "copying.txt".

Pascal Poncin: Pascal.Poncin@T-Online.de
October 1999 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 24 December 1999)

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