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WEX: Windows Eiffel eXtension Library

Written by Robin van Ommeren and Andreas Leitner.

wex.zip (89,127 bytes) - source code - Release Version
wex_dd_1_1_3.zip (171,563 bytes) - source code - Development Version
http://wex.dhs.org/ (WEX home page)
http://home.wxs.nl/~rommeren/ (Robin van Ommeren's home page)

What is WEX?

WEX, the Windows Eiffel eXtension library, is as its name says an extension to WEL, the Windows Eiffel Library, that comes with the Windows version of ISE Eiffel. It is free for everybody to use as defined in the file "forum.txt".

Why WEX?

Every programming library always misses something in the opinion of any developer and WEL is no exception. For this reason we came up with WEX, the developers extension to WEL. It's intention is to combine all the extensions to WEL that Eiffel developers have written in the past and future, so all WEL developers can profit from the ideas of fellow developers. An additional benefit is that we have to buy less third party software without source code. What's worse than third party software crashing your project?

What's in WEX now?

WEX 1.0 combines the extensions to WEL written by Andreas and Robin and contains roughly the following items:

It's a nice set of classes to spice up your project. All WEL developers are invited to contribute to WEX. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

What do I need to run WEX?

You will need a copy of ISE Eiffel for Windows 95/98/NT and WEL. And Visual C++. It should not be hard to get it running with any other C compiler, all you need to do is change the ACE-files, but I never tried.

How do I install WEX?

WEX consists of 2 major directories: "examples" and "library". Please add them to the directory where ISE Eiffel is installed. You will also need to define the enviroment variable wex_vc_lib. It should point directly to the directory where the file "winmm.lib" resides. This is typically "c:\program files\devstudio\vc\lib".

Under Windows 95 or 98 you might add a line to the file autoexec.bat:

set wex_vc_lib = c:\program files\devstudio\vc\lib

The Development Version

Version 1.1.3
This release features only one minor change. There is now a sample application for the experimental property sheet/wizzard cluster. There is still a lot to do, to make them nice and friendly, but basically they work.
Version 1.1.2
It includes the datetime cluster by Michael Fliegner. Other minor changes have been made to make it compilable with the upcoming ISE Eiffel 4.3 release.

Any Questions?

For any questions, comments or if you would like to contibute to WEX please mail to either:

Robin van Ommeren (robin.van.ommeren@wxs.nl) or
Andreas Leitner (andreas.leitner@teleweb.at)

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