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Visual Eiffel Lite

Written by Object Tools.

http://www.object-tools.com/visual/download.htm (for downloads)
http://www.object-tools.com/visual/ (Visual Eiffel home page)
http://www.object-tools.com/ (Object Tools' home page)

Visual Eiffel Lite

This fast native-code Eiffel compiler for Windows 95/NT includes an integrated IDE, syntax-highlighting editor, graphical diagramming tool, visual debugger and drag-and-drop browser.

The free Lite edition includes most of the functionality of other versions of Visual Eiffel, except that:

However, it can be used for the production of non-trivial GUI or command-line applications. There is no time limit to the use of the free version.


These features are present in the Lite version.

Integrated Development Environment:


Visual Eiffel Lite can be upgraded to the personal or professional version with a software key sent by email.

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