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SMILE: Simple Message Interchange Library for Eiffel

Written by Object Tools.

smile.zip (18,691 bytes) - source code
Smileweb.zip (42,157 bytes) - documentation
http://www.object-tools.com/ (Object Tools home page)


Electronic messaging has become critically important to enterprise computing. Many organizations are looking to their electronic messaging systems to take on the role of a central communications backbone, used not only for electronic-mail (e-mail) messages, but to integrate all types of information. Electronic messaging provides a way for users in organizations to retrieve information from a variety of sources, to exchange information automatically, and to store, filter, and organize the information locally or across a network.

Today, powerful enterprise-wide workgroup applications that manage group scheduling, forms routing, order processing, and project management are built on electronic messaging systems. Hundreds of different messaging systems are offered by different vendors, and a wide range of applications have been built to use them. But each of these messaging systems has a different programming interface, making an extensive development effort necessary to enable an application to interact with more than one system.

The Simple Message Interchange Library for Eiffel (SMILE) provides services that enable an application developer to add electronic messaging features to applications developed with the help of Visual Eiffel compiler. SMILE is based upon the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) has created by Microsoft in cooperation with more than 100 independent software vendors (ISVs), messaging system suppliers, corporate developers, and consultants from around the world. MAPI is a messaging architecture that enables multiple applications to interact with multiple messaging systems seamlessly across a variety of hardware platforms.

Status of SMILE

Although some significant effort has been invested by Object Tools in the development of SMILE, this library has never been completed. Object Tools recently decided to release the source of SMILE to the Eiffel Forum in the hope that people in the Eiffel community would be interested in this Eiffel MAPI library and would contribute in bringing it to a more usable state.

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