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GRAPE: GRAphical Programming for Eiffel

Written by Object Tools.

grape.zip (2,520,085 bytes) - source code and documentation
http://www.elj.com/open-source/grape/ (GRAPE home page)
http://www.findmail.com/list/noframes/elj-grape-discuss/info.html (GRAPE mailing list)
http://www.object-tools.com/ (Object Tools home page)

GRAPE Library

GRAPE is an Eiffel library that allows you to build quickly excellent Windows interface for your applications. It is an excellent Eiffel Windows Library for building applications under Graphical User Interface (GUI) shells. If you are experienced in GUI programming, you will have no problems in understanding GRAPE - it is very similar to many other Object Oriented (OO) Libraries. If you are a novice in GUI programming, do not worry, GRAPE was written to simplify building such kind of programs. You can forget about many details while building standard applications. But any default can be replaced by an advanced GRAPE programmer.

GRAPE Resource file Description

The GRAPE portable resource definition language was introduced because it was necessary to provide a uniform way of developing resources across the platforms. Resource definition syntax is different on each platform. The GRAPE resource definition language follows the GRAPE class hierarchy and most of GRAPE's classes can be loaded from resources. Under Windows a ERC file is converted to an ordinary RC file and later being processed by a native Windows resource compiler. We can recommend you to create a Dynamic Link Library from each ERC file making possible physically separating the resources from the code.

Future of GRAPE

GRAPE was initially written by Object Tools for their Eiffel/S compiler and has then been ported to Visual Eiffel. GRAPE has been designed in such a way that it can easily be adapted to work on different platforms (Windows is already supported and Unix with Motif is near completion) and with different Eiffel compilers. Therefore Object Tools recently decided to release the source of GRAPE to the Eiffel Forum in the hope that people in the Eiffel community would contribute in making this library portable. Geoff Eldridge <geoff@elj.com> from the Eiffel Liberty Journal (http://www.elj.com/) has already volunteered to port GRAPE to SmallEiffel. If you are interested in GRAPE and its future development, please contact Geoff.

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