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Eiffel/S 2.0 Lite

Written by Object Tools GmbH.

(you need both files)

System Requirements

An MPW version is not available at this stage, but we will do it if it is as easy as we have been lead to believe, and there is sufficient demand. Please let us know. Perhaps you think Rhapsody will be a higher priority; again we can't judge this without your support.

We do not plan to support 68K Macs, as we believe that most developers use PowerPCs. Please let us know if there are a lot of developers who are still using 68Ks.

This Eiffel/S release is the full Eiffel/S 2.0 compiler, not the shareware 1.3 version available for MPW. It has been well integrated into the CodeWarrior environment, so if you have been using Eiffel/S 2.0 on Unix, you will find some subtle differences.

You can download the Lite edition for free, and use it to compile small systems (actually including all the libraries, these are quite large systems). For free, you get an Eiffel/S Lite licence, which limits the number of classes per application.

A full licence for Eiffel/S with unlimited classes is available from Object Tools.

Eiffel/S Lite for Macintosh includes:


You will download two files from ftp://www.object-tools.com/apple/:

You need both the Core and the Support files. The Core file when unpacked gives you the compiler, the CW Eiffel/S preference panel, and readme files for Eiffel information, and MOTEL. The readme file tells you how to install Eiffel/S 2.0 for CodeWarrior, how to set up and Eiffel project, how to compile, how to obtain a full licence, etc.

The Support file contains the Eiffel/S folder. This folder contains other files needed to compile with Eiffel, and all the Eiffel libraries, including MOTEL.

What is the Status of Eiffel/S 2.0 and MOTEL?

This is a beta release of the Eiffel/S compiler. It has been very stable for quite some time (being used to compile the Eiffel/S compiler itself, and the large MOTEL library), but we do not have a great deal of testing on the many environments that are out there. We need your feedback and helpful suggestions.

MOTEL is still under construction, but is already very useful to create Mac applications (in fact you can't do it without MOTEL, as it provides the Eiffel interface to the Mac Toolbox, like .h files for C.) Thus MOTEL is provided on an as is basis to support the Eiffel for CW release. You can expect frequent releases, so please check this site for updates, which will be provided separately to save you download time, unless it is bundled with an update of the compiler.

Full sources of MOTEL are provided, and it is intended that we grow this together to provide the quickest way to write full scale Mac applications. The Mac development community is very dynamic, and innovative, and we can best make this happen together.

Please send comments, suggestions, problems regarding the Macintosh version of Eiffel/S directly to Ian Joyner (i.joyner@acm.org).

Other matters, and other versions of Eiffel, please contact Object Tools directly. More details about Eiffel/S for Macintosh are available at http://www.object-tools.com/ot/apple.htm.

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