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Unrecognized Eiffel

Written by Alexander Kogtenkov.

Unrecognized_Eiffel.zip (52,747 bytes) - source code

1. Introduction

The collection represents several current deficiencies in the definition of the Eiffel language and of the libraries which may lead to misunderstanding and misuse. It does not pretend to be exhaustive. Moreover, it is not in any way official description and it reflects only author's opinion. A few examples from the collection were published in comp.lang.eiffel newsgroup, others are published for the first time.

2. Structure

The collection is divided into two major categories: language and library. They correspond to the documents specifying the Eiffel language and Kernel library respectively. This and lower division is mapped into hierarchy of subdirectories. The grouping is not in any way formal, though an attempt was made to group similar kinds of problems.

Every subdirectory contains several files:

readme.txt - short description of the problem
test.e - root class of the example
*.e - additional Eiffel source files (if any)
test.esd - Visual Eiffel project file
Ace.ace - ISE Eiffel project file

"readme.txt" contains the following sections:

Rationale - introduction to the problem
Expected example behaviour - results of the execution of the example
Possible solution - author's approach to solve the problem
References - relevant documents

Every source file contains comments related to the problem under consideration.

3. Platforms

All examples were tested under Visual Eiffel v2.5 and ISE Eiffel v4.2 on Windows 95. As none of the examples exploits non-ETL(2) or non-ELKS(95) features, there should be no reason that prevents from using any other Eiffel compiler and environment.

4. License

See "forum.txt" included in the distribution.

5. Author

Alexander Kogtenkov
Object Tools, Moscow
e-mail: kwaxer@aha.ru

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