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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)DOG - The Linux Bookmark Organizer

Written by Pirmin Kalberer.

dog-0_2.tar.gz (427,000 bytes)
http://www.spin.ch/~kalberer/dog/ (for information)
http://www.spin.ch/~kalberer/ (Pirmin Kalberer's home page)

DOG - The Linux Bookmark Organizer


DOG is an application for managing bookmarks. It imports and exports Netscape bookmark files, kfm bookmarks (.kdelnk files) and Windows Favorites (Import only).

Keywords: KDE Gnome X11 URL Internet Explorer Favorites Netscape Navigator Bookmarks kfm Favorites Eiffel GTK GTK+

DOG Screenshot

Pirmin Kalberer (kalberer@spin.ch)

24 October 1999 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 28 December 1999)

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