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Eiffel Conformance Suite

Written by Ian Joyner

conform.zip (74,828 bytes) - source code
http://www.mri.mq.edu.au/people/ian.html (Ian Joyner's home page)


This conformance test suite was developed for the Unisys A Series Eiffel compiler, and is provided as it was on that machine with no modification to get it working on any other compiler. For some compilers, you will need to split the classes into separate files where multiple classes are in one file. Also the A Series compiler $ cards are left in at the beginning, so you will need to remove those.

A few of the files are not of interest, as they were specific to the A Series compiler. The most interesting tests are the Vxxx tests. Some of these were done in a single file, but where they needed multiple tests, the files are in subdirectories. The subdirectories mainly have numbers, which correspond to the subclause of the Vxxx constraint in ETL. (The structure of the tests tries to follow ETL.). Other tests test particular language constructs.

These tests are not complete, but do give a framework to add more tests.

Ian Joyner
Microsoft Research Institute Macquarie University

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