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E-Edit : A key-word highlighting text editor written in Eiffel

Written by Mike Jones.

eedit1-3.zip (1,598,629 bytes) - source code

http://www.mass.com:8080/software/eedit (E-Edit Home Page)


E-Edit is a key-word highlighting text editor written in Eiffel. The editor was designed as part of a tool for checking the syntax and semantics of specialized languages. The public version has an output window for errors, but no checking functionality. The public version also does keyword highlighting of Eiffel source code files.

The editor is easy to modify. New file types and key-words can be added with some simple code changes. Syntax checking can be integrated by using the existing output window and adding a few menu items. It would not be hard to build a language tool into the editor, for example, an Eiffel compiler and debugger.

The design of editor is a modified Model-View-Controller. A pattern approach was taken, so the design is interesting for those who are interested in the practical application of patterns. For example the following patterns can be found in the design:

Observer Pattern
For screen update
Command Pattern
For undo/redo
Visitor Pattern
For pattern matching
For overall architecture
Dispatcher Pattern
For notification granularity control
E-Edit has only been compiled with Visual Eiffel. The GUI uses the GRAPE library.


To install E-Edit:

  1. Download.
  2. Make a directory called eedit.
  3. Move the downloaded eedit.zip file into the eedit directory.
  4. Change to the directory.
  5. Unzip the file.
  6. Run eedit\editor\eedit.exe
  7. The help file is in eedit\help\eedithelp\WinHelp4
  8. If you compile E-Edit, download any patchs from the Bugs page at http://www.mass.com:8080/software/eedit/bugs.html.

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