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BeX: A library for organising EiffelBase eXtensions

Written by Loryn Jenkins.

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1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

BeX is intended to be a library that captures extensions and modifications to EiffelBase. As EiffelBase is a high-quality library, I feel that EiffelBase needs a related library that acts as a proving ground for future EiffelBase classes.

BeX will therefore serve as a repository for new, advanced or experimental classes intended to enhance or extend EiffelBase. The components residing within BeX will be improved in three ways before being submitted to EiffelBase:

It is intended that BeX be a thoroughfare: classes will be added to and removed from BeX. BeX classes will be removed whenever they make their debut within EiffelBase, or are superceded by improved classes.

BeX is able to accept new and modified classes faster than EiffelBase, so if you have a problem with EiffelBase, it may already be solved by BeX. If not, feel free to contribute the problem (or preferably) the solution to BeX.

1.2 Library Organisation

BeX is organised as follows:

BeX\base_ext Clusters containing classes that extend EiffelBase. Sub-clusters mirror the EiffelBase hierarchy.
BeX\base_mod Clusters containing classes modified from their original EiffelBase versions. Sub-clusters mirror the EiffelBase hierarchy
BeX\base_???\*\test Each sub-cluster beneath base_ext and base_mod has a series of classes containing regression tests.
BeX\base_???\*\doc Documentation for classes within each sub-cluster.
BeX\documentation Documentation for the BeX library as a whole.
BeX\test_suite Driver application for BeX regression tests.

2 Overview of BeX Contents

Currently, the only components within BeX are FRACTION and its supporting classes.

2.1 FRACTION and supporting classes

Please see the directory: BeX\base_ext\documentation for the FRACTION documentation.

3 Miscellaneous Issue

3.1 Copyright and Licensing

Classes contributed to the BeX\base_ext clusters should be licensed with the Eiffel Forum Freeware license, or granted to the public domain. (See http://www.eiffel-forum.org/ for details.)

Code contributed to the BeX\base_mod clusters must be licensed with the IFELL license. (See http://www.eiffel.com/ for details on the IFELL license.)

3.2 Contacting the Library Maintainer

If you find the BeX Library to be beneficial to you, I’d like to hear from you. Please send your comments, criticisms, and suggestions to


3.3 Library Contributors

The Eiffel community would like to thank the following BeX contributors:

(I am assuming this list will grow!)

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