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Written by Interactive Software Engineering.

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http://www.eiffel.com/products/base/ (EiffelBase home page)
http://www.talkitover.com/eiffelbase/ (Talkitover EiffelBase improvements discussion page)
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/sm/ (Richie Bielak's port for SmallEiffel page)
http://www.eiffel.com/products/base/license.html (ISE Free Eiffel Library License)
http://www.eiffel.com/ (ISE's home page)

EiffelBase: The ultimate in reusability

EiffelBase is one of the principal contributions of Eiffel: a library of fundamental structures and algorithms covering the basics of computing, and resulting from a "Linnaean" effort at a general-purpose taxonomy of computing structures. EiffelBase is one of the most carefully designed and extensively used libraries in the object-oriented industry.

The library and its design principles are described in detail in the book Reusable Software: The Base Object-Oriented Component Libraries.


The Kernel library covers the most common needs:

Fundamental structures and algorithms

EiffelBase Basic Libraries

Support Library

The Support Library provides a number of classes that extend the language and environment facilities, enabling programmers to develop advanced uses of Eiffel: class STORABLE provides a way to produce a logical image of an entire data structure in a file; class MEMORY for fine tuning of the memory management mechanism; and more.

Data Structure Library

The Data Structure Library provides implementations of fundamental data structures and algorithms: Abstract structures, describing broad categories; lists in their various forms; list elements; circular chains; sorted sets and lists; various trees and binary trees; cursor trees; hash tables (dictionaries); various stacks, queues and priority queues; and more.

Iterations Library

The Iterations Library provides high-level templates that avoid using control structures such as loops and facilitates writing features so that control structures are more easily modified in descendant classes.

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