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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Genetic Algorithm classes

Written by I. M. Ikram

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Some simple genetic algorithm (GA) classes in Eiffel, aimed at solving optimization problems (both minimization and maximization). For a very quick and easy introduction to genetic algorithms, see http://www.cs.und.ac.za/~ikram/Projects/gaintro.html

I. M. Ikram

You may modify and redistribute this code non-commercially. Please contact me if you wish to offer any comments, error reports, corrections, new classes, etc. Any updates made in future to these classes may be accessed through the URL: http://cs.und.ac.za/~ikram/Projects/GAEiffel/

These classes were developed with the aid of the excellent SmallEiffel freeware compiler, version -0.98, made available by Dominique Colnet and Suzanne Collin (ftp://ftp.loria.fr/pub/loria/genielog/SmallEiffel). Significant omissions from this version of the compiler are the BIT type, a standard random number class, and most of all, garbage collection (so I've been careful to avoid `memory leaks' here).


ran.e interface to `C' standard random number generation functions.
Necessary external code is included in the file.
individual.e individual_copyable.e: deferred classes relating to
bit-string individuals
population.e, ss_population.e, gen_population.e deferred classes
relating to populations of bit strings
one_max.e, two_max.e, many_max.e, dejong_f1.e some actual
implementations of individuals corresponding to simple fitness
ss_pop_1.e, ss_pop_2.e, ss_pop_3.e, gen_pop_1.e some actual
implementations of populations capable of running simple genetic
algorithms to solve optimization problems
ga_demo.e allows any combination of the above fitness functions
and genetic algorithms to be run

Class Hierarchy

-- random numbers
-- bit-string individuals
        -- reproducible individuals
                ONE_MAX, TWO_MAX, MANY_MAX, DEJONG_F1
                -- individuals meant to encode solutions to some simple optimization problems
-- populations of bit-string individuals
        -- populations running steady-state algorithms
                SS_POP_1, SS_POP_2, SS_POP_3
                -- various steady-state strategies
        -- populations running generational algorithms
                -- simple generational strategies
-- demo/testing


See implementation of GA_DEMO class and header comments to the remaining classes.

Some quick notes

Suggested Improvements

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