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Exuberant Ctags

Written by Darren Hiebert.

http://darren.hiebert.com/ctags/index.html (Exuberant Ctags home page)
http://darren.hiebert.com/ (Darren Hiebert's home page)

Support for the Eiffel language has been added to "Exuberant Ctags", a popular replacement for the original Unix ctags utility.

Ctags generates source language index files which may be used by a variety of editors to locate source language constructs in a project. For Eiffel files, Exuberant Ctags will index all class names, feature names, and local entity names.

The editors which support the tag files output by Exuberant Ctags include:

Because duplicate feature names (from different classes) are common with Eiffel code, an editor which provides good support for selecting the desired match is desirable. The Vim editor, in my opinion, provides the best support for duplicate tags.

Exuberant Ctags also sports the following features:

You can find Exuberant Ctags at the following locations:

http://darren.hiebert.com/ctags/ (Official web site)

Which brings us to the most frequently asked question:

Q: Why is it called "Exuberant" ctags?
A: Because one of the meanings of the word is:

exuberant : produced in extreme abundance : PLENTIFUL syn see PROFUSE

Compare the tag file produced by Exuberant Ctags with that produced by any other ctags and you will see how appropriate the name is.

Exuberant Ctags is distributed according to the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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