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Written by Halstenbach ACT.

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http://www.halstenbach.com/ (Halstenbach's home page)

iss-matching - the Regular Expression / Pattern Matching cluster

We are making this library available to the Eiffel community so that all developers can have access to a powerful pattern matching library as this is a common component found in most applications.

This component is part of the iss-base development system and it has been made compatible with EiffelBase released under the ISE free Eiffel license and could be adapted to work with other Eiffel environments.

This library can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple pattern matching to search-and-replace facilities needed in editors and text-processing systems.

Some of the features provided in the library are:

The library also includes mechanisms to perform simple partioning of strings into single components and search and replacement of string patterns.

This package contains the library itself, a simple example showing most of the features and the full documentation for the library in HTML format.

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