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Written by Halstenbach ACT.

http://www.halstenbach.com/strg_download.htm (for downloads)
http://www.halstenbach.com/ (Halstenbach's home page)

Free Trial Version 3.0 beta of iss-base

You can download the Free Trial Version of iss-base Version 3.0 beta for Windows 95 & Windows NT right now. The Free Trial Version contains the complete palette of iss-base components and lets you experience the power and flexibility of this unique object-oriented development environment. As opposed to the commercial iss-base licenses coming with full source code for the libraries, the Free Trial Version hides the implementation of selected classes.

To install your iss-base Free Trial Version please register yourself at Halstenbach ACT. After registering, you will receive by e-mail your personal activation key required by the installation process. Your personal activation key is good for 90 days.

The Free Trial Version of iss-base may be used exclusively for tests and demonstration purposes.

Getting Started with the iss-base Free Trial Version

If you are not already familiar with Eiffel, we suggest you refer to the 40 page document Eiffel - An Overview coming with the online documentation. To study the Eiffel language and method more deeply please refer to one of the best-selling books on Eiffel included in our list of recommended literature.

First time users of iss-base should have a look at iss-base: A Guided Tour which is also part of the online documentation.

The iss-bench melting ice technology allows you to compile your applications to optimized native code and to mix in interpreted code. To produce the native code, iss-bench requires the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler Version 4.2 or 5. Should you not have one of these compilers at your disposal, download one of the precompiled libraries and you can rely entirely on interpreted code. You should consider downloading a precompiled library even if you have access to MS VC++ - this will speed up your first steps considerably.

To experience all components of iss-base in action, have a look at the PC-Warehouse example project. You will see a distributed client/server system with WEB-integration. Using iss-build you can modify the GUI-interfaces and associated command-bindings without recompiling the application!

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