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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Eiffel_vision 1.0 demo

Written by Andreas Haeferer at Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany)

eiff_vis.exe (156,538 bytes)


This is a demo version of an Eiffel_Vision based application. This archive contains a compiled EXE-File and a few eiffel classes (*.e) to show how simple it is. The source to the library is not included, but the short forms are in the *.fea files. At this time the features are in English but the comments are in German (cause I'm a German student).

With this demo I want to see if there are people out there who want to code in MS-DOS Eiffel, not just for theoretical purposes but also to produce programs with a professional look-and-feel like Borland's Turbo-Vision.

At this time the system will distributed as Freeware. If you are interested in this Cluster please send a mail to haeferer@prakinf.tu-ilmenau.de



Simple features are available to access windows, for instance:

Buttons are simple to use:

If the button is clicked (by mouse or RETURN-key) the command-code will be sent to the Window (to be used by overriding the check_command feature of the window

Look at the *.e Files within this demo to see how simple it is.

System Requirements


demo86.exe demonstration for 8086 processor - to test on DOS-emulators in other systems e.g. Sun, Alpha
demo386.exe demonstration for 80386 processor
*.e Eiffel demo - application files
*.fea Eiffel class short forms (showing features of the Eiffel_vision classes)

Running the demonstration

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