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FLC: Eiffel compiler for Amiga

Written by Damien Guichard.

eiffel.lha (147,892 bytes) - source code
http://ftp.sunet.se/aminet/dirs/aminet/dev/e/ (for downloads)

Short: Eiffel compiler in E (unfinished)
Author: Damien Guichard
Uploader: Wouter van Oortmerssen (wouter@mars.let.uva.nl)
Type: dev/e

Compiler for the Eiffel Language, written in Amiga E. The author intended it to become a professional Eiffel implementation for the Amiga, stopped the project prematurely due to perceived lack of interest from the Amiga community.

The compiler is small, fast, and directly generates 68k code (though the backend is modular). This distribution includes the compiler and full sources in E, plus a small set of Eiffel files and documents. I imagine that it can be useful for the following people:

Damien Guichard
8 rue Jean Giono
42100 Saint-Etienne

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