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Written by James Gessling.

netuser.zip (134,626 bytes) - source code and binary

A simplified version of the Windows NT user manager for domains. This was written to be used by help desk personal to look up user accounts, reset passwords, and unlock accounts. It contains the following files:

readme.txt       - this file
public.txt       - public domain disclaimer
netuser.e        - the root class
user.e           - a simplified user object
lm_error_codes.e - lan manager error codes
dm.dmf           - the display builder resource file
netuser.exe      - the executable application
euser.lib        - the lan manager link library
euser.c          - source for the lan manager library

The application was built using Visual Eiffel version 2.5 (lite) and Display Machine version 2.5. The lan manager library was compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ version 4.2. The system was Windows NT 4.0 SP3.

To build the application using these tools proceed as follows:

  1. copy all the provided files into a directory.
  2. use MS VC++ to compile netlib.c into a .lib file (if necessary)
  3. use Visual Eiffel to build the executable. Create a new a project pointing to this directory. Specify, a DM application. And include the winlib cluster.
    1. in netuser.e, the default domain is set to "AMD", you will want to change that before building the application
    2. in Visual Eiffel (project\options) check pre and post conditions, output target "exe", type "DM", and the object to be euser.lib and netapi32.lib with appropriate path. For example: ".\euser.lib c:\msdev\lib\netapi32.lib". (Netapi32.lib is provided with MSVC++). Build the application.

To use the application:

Start the application by executing netuser.exe.

Use an account in the "account operators" group, or more privileged. The window starts with a list of all the user accounts. To look for an account, type a string in the text box and click on refresh.

To modify an account, double click on the name in the list box. To unlock the account click on the "Account is locked box". To reset a password, click on "Set Password". The default password is "password" as displayed. Another value may be entered if desired before clicking on the button.

Exit the application with the "Cancel" button.

Questions or comments may be directed to:

James Gessling

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