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Arc de Triomphe clipart (2486 bytes)Flower CASE Tool

Written by Bill Foote (billf@jovial.com)

flower.tar.zip (66,078 bytes) - source code for ISE Eiffel 3
flwr_bin.tar.zip (1,009,235 bytes) - Linux binaries

Flower CASE Tool

Bill Foote

I have a working prototype of a Case tool that I'm calling "flower" for now. It's written in Eiffel, and used Tcl/Tk for the GUI layer. I'm developing it under Linux, but it should run under any platform that supports the ISE Eiffel environment and Tcl/Tk (Tcl version 7.4, and Tk version 4.0). As soon as Tcl/Tk are available for Windows/NT, this tool should work there.

The prototype is still a little rough around the edges, but it can be used to edit diagrams, and it supports loading and saving them. It supports a subset of the symbols on a Rumbaugh class diagram (Class, Association, Aggregation, and Generalization). Here's some of what it doesn't support:

Also, the code could stand a bit of cleanup and refactoring, and I've made no effort whatsoever to make it fast. Like I said, it's a prototype! :-)

I'm interested in feedback!

If you've taken a look at Flower, I'd like your feedback. I'd like to know:

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