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eglade : an Eiffel code generator that parses XML files produced by Glade

Written by Daniel Elphick et al.

eglade0_1_4.tgz (32,620 bytes) - the eglade library source code
http://www.lfix.co.uk/eiflib/ (eglade home page)
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/gtk_eiffel.html (Eiffel/Gtk home page)
(Eiffel Forum Archive reference to eGtk page)
http://glade.pn.org/ (Glade home page)


eglade is an Eiffel code generator that parses XML files produced by Glade.

Access it by CVS at the eglade homepage or download a tar archive of the latest snapshot from the homepage site. The latest snapshot is version 0.1.4 of 8th September 1999. (check at the eglade's homepage)

eglade Requires :

To compile eglade you will need smalleiffel, gobo and eGTK.
I have But I don't know if you need exactly these versions.

It will only work with smalleiffel as it generates a loadpath.se file and no Ace file for use with ISE. It should be possible to make an Ace file yourself easily enough, but I don't have ISE.

You will also need at least glade 0.50, which has a few tags 0.41 did not. The glade homepage is found at http://glade.pn.org/ (eglade was mainly developed with glade 0.51)

A patch is included for adding Eiffel to the Options page of Glade 0.51. (glade-0.5.1-diff)
NB As of version 0.5.2 of glade this is already included.

Compile Instructions

In the top-level directory of eglade, type:


eglade -
Makes eglade parse standard input. Seems a bit useless to me so I might remove it
eglade project
Makes eglade parse project.


Look in the TODO list for things that aren't implemented totally

eglade was written by me, Daniel Elphick and I can be contacted at :


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