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elj-win32: A win32 compatible SmallEiffel Distribution

Written by Geoff Eldridge.

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http://www.elj.com/elj-win32/ (elj-win32 home page)
http://www.elj.com/ (Eiffel Library Journal home page)
http://www.loria.fr/SmallEiffel/ (SmallEiffel home page)

elj-win32 0.4 Release: The GNU Eiffel win32 Distribution by Geoff Eldridge

The 0.40 distribution includes:

Installation of the elj-win32 GNU Eiffel win32 compiler is simple and complete. It installs as per a normal ``Setup'' installation and you will be running the sample programs shortly after updating the elj-win32 environment variables on your system.

ftp access will hopefully become available shortly through the SmallEiffel download network [9].

Thank you to all the beta testers. Please contact me if there are any problems that I may introduced into the final distribution.

This 0.4 release is a major improvement on the 0.3 release which is approximately 11 months old (with SE -0.80). Many people have contributed to making this ``bootstrap'' release possible and I thank them for their efforts and inspiration.

Finally, I believe that non-trivial Eiffel and Eiffel GUI applications can be constructed using this open source distribution and that SmallEiffel adds another important dimension to Eiffel world. I hope you find it helpful and useful, and that you might be able to contribute back to the elj-win32/SmallEiffel projects if and when you can.

Geoff Eldridge

-- geoff@elj.com
-- http://www.elj.com/

Web References:
[1] elj-win32: The GNU Eiffel win32 Distribution
[2] The -0.78 SmallEiffel Release announcement:
[3] SmallEiffel: The GNU Eiffel Compiler
[4] lcc-win32: A ANSI C (win32 aware) Compiler and Tools
[5] The GRAPE (Eiffel win32 GUI) Tutorial (120 Pages):
[6] GOBO: A portable Data Structure Library. Eiffel Lex and Eiffel Yacc.
[7] Pylon
[8] Eiffel Online Documentation
[9] SmallEiffel Download Network:

ELJ-WIN32 Home Page

Anyway, the Home Page for the `elj-win32' Distribution is:


ELJ-WIN32 Mailing List

There is also an `elj-win32-discuss' email discussion Group at:


If you have any comments, feedback, etc, please contact Geoff Eldridge ( geoff@elj.com )

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