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SEBL - BeOS API access through Smalleiffel

Written by J.Scott Edwards sedwards@xmission.com.

sebl.tgz (14,403 bytes) — source code

This file is part of the SmallEiffel BeOS Library.
Copyright (C) 1998 Lost Alternative
J. Scott Edwards - sedwards@xmission.com
Note: I have not included the example programs or the beos_*.e files in this release because they still need some clean up and the examples need to be updated. If you would like to get a copy of them now, please send e-mail to sedwards@xmission.com.
SEBL Beta Version 0.11
This library is intended to allow programs written using SmallEiffel to access the BeOS API. This is done through Eiffel external C calls which in turn make calls to C++ objects.

This beta release fixes a problem with BEOS_WINDOW inheriting from MY_SHARED_OBJECTS which was a bug. BFile access has been added but is still experimental. As with the last release there are only a few functions working, but an Eiffel program can be written which puts up a BeOS window with buttons, which when activated will activate objects in Eiffel. See the directory 'Examples/demo'. There is also an incomplete calculator program in 'Examples/calc', it currently does nothing but print messages on std_output when a button is clicked on.

If you use this please let me know, especially if there are particular functions you would like. If I don't hear from anyone I will just be implementing functions as I need them. The current plan is to add file (BFile) access next, then BTextControl, BListView, BView, and BTextView. Then I will likely add BLooper to allow multithreading.

Also if you add something to the library and would like to contribute to it, please send it to me and I will add it to the archive and give you full credit for your additions.

The files are as follows:
b_*.cpp - contain the C routines and the BeOS C++ classes.
b_*.e - contain the Eiffel external calls to the functions in b_*.cpp.
beos_*.e - contain the objects to be used by the client programs.
To use the library:
Add the lib_beos directory to your loadpath.BeOS (or loadpath.UNIX) file in the 'sys' directory, something like:
Compile the b_*.cpp files into .o files:
(or make_debug, for printf debug messages)
and then copy the resulting .o files to your working directory:
    cp *.o Examples/demo
When compiling your Eiffel program include the b_*.o files:
    compile root_class b_*.o

I am currently using SmallEiffel -0.79

Send bug reports, suggestions, comments, flames, etc. to

J.Scott Edwards - sedwards@xmission.com

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