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Calculator IV - example using Eiffel-Gtk Library

Written by J.Scott Edwards sedwards@xmission.com.

calc_iv.tgz (10,805 bytes) — source code

This is a simple four function calculator that I made for BeOS for a friend. I wanted to try the Eiffel-GTK library, so as an experiment I ported the code to eGTK. It is not complete, there is no keyboard input and no menus, but it does work with the mouse.

The eGTK version is accurate to 18 decimal digits and can be changed for more digits by changing the Max_digits value in max_digits.e and recompiling. The only limit I know of (other than memory), is the number of digits you can display.

Please note: I don't consider this to be well structued Eiffel code and if anyone has any suggestings on how it could be better structured I welcome your suggestions.

I have built this on RedHat Linux 6.0 using SmallEiffel -0.78 and eGTK 0.3.2. I have not been able to get eGTK working on FreeBSD, so I haven't been able to try it on FreeBSD. To build it you must have SmallEiffel and eGTK installed type 'make' in the calc_iv_egtk directory. Please e-mail me if you have any problems.

You can e-mail me at sedwards@xmission.com

SmallEiffel can be obtained from http://www.loria.fr/SmallEiffel

The eGTK package is at http://www.netlabs.net/hp/richieb/gtk_eiffel.html

Links to both can be found at http://www.eiffel-forum.org

Send bug reports, suggestions, comments, flames, etc. to

J.Scott Edwards - sedwards@xmission.com

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