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eSQL: The Eiffel SQL Library

Written by Patrick Doyle.

esql-0.12.tar.gz (12,700 bytes) - source code
eSQL_Article.txt (4,377 bytes) - article about eSQL
http://www.elj.com/epan/by_author/pd/esql/esql-980712.html (eSQL EPAN page)
http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/~doylep/eiffel/ (eSQL home page)
http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/~doylep/ (Patrick Doyle's home page)


eSQL is a library for easily executing SQL queries using any supported database engine. Currently, only the mSQL engine from Hughes Technologies (http://www.hughes.com.au/) is supported, and only for SmallEiffel, but hopefully as the library matures it will come to support more engines and compilers.

The library is based on a set of ADTs which describe the functionality of the library in an abstract manner. These ADTs are then implemented for the particular database engines and compilers supported by the library. The engine/compiler-specific portion of the library is itself structured in such a way as to promote expandability and flexibility.

Readme file

All files copyright 1998 Patrick Doyle and others.
See forum.txt for details.

(This project and README are still very much under construction...)

Included in this tar are the following items:

To build and run the test program, do this:

Mail me at doylep@ecf.toronto.edu with any comments or questions.

Issues to resolve:

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