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Template Builder

Written by Adam Cook s3233956@student.anu.edu.au.

template.zip (1,285 bytes) — source code

This class will create a template called template.txt, which the user can modify and compile easily.

It was created with the intention of being a help to first Eiffel users who can use it to see what their input does.

Don't forget that for the new class to compile, it must be saved as a file in the form class_name.e, where class_name is the user's input for the first question.

Unfortunately, a fair amount of knowledge of the Eiffel language is needed to complete the template, such as the allocation of features, the body of the creation routine and the structure of loops.

One other setback of the program is that any previous versions of template.txt should be deleted before making a new one.

I am sure that this template builder can be modified by more experienced programmers to make it a real "Wizard", such as the ones commonly used by Microsoft.

Adam Cook, 1999.

Adam Cook
May 14, 1999


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