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Lib_msql: An Interface to Msql DB-Engine

Written by Lars Brueckner.

libmsql.tar.gz (13,963 bytes) - source code
http://www.darmstadt.gmd.de/~brueckne/eiffel/libmsql.tar.gz (for downloads)
http://www.darmstadt.gmd.de/~brueckne/ (Lars Brueckner's home page)

Legal Issues

This code is published under the "GNU Library General Public License", which means you won't have to pay me or anyone else if you're using it, but you can't sue me or anyone else if it doesn't behave as you'd expect. See file LIB_LICENSE for details.


SmallEiffel, of course :) this was code was written with Release -0.86 Msql, version 1.0.16 or better.


Make sure the directory lib_msql is your loadpath.se. Try to build and run test_msql.e to see if it's working. (It will try to use Msqld on localhost and with the database 'eiffel', creating and modifying table "eiffelTest").


Add "-lmsql" to the parameters of "compile". Depending on your setup you might have to add "-I/path/to/msqlh" and "-L/path/to/libmsql" too.


Look at the source of class test_msql.e, also read the manual about Msql's C API.

Compatible with other compilers?

No. Uses C_ARRAY and some c_inline's.

Improvements and bugfixes?

I will be happy to get some comments and bugreports, but I don't intend to maintain lib_msql any further. I canceled the project I needed lib_msql for, and I'm very short on time.

I'm just putting it on the net now because some folks on the mailing list asked for something like this.


Also the License does not require you to do so, I would be happy to get a postcard of your hometown if you use lib_msql and even get to like it :)

Lars Brueckner
In der Stetbach 20
64372 Ober-Ramstadt



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