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exg-0.1 (Eiffel X Graphics(or Gtk+))

Written by Miron Brezuleanu.

Version 0.1

exg-0_1.tgz (216,000 bytes) - source code
mbrez-@alpha.imag.pub.ro Miron Brezuleanu (maintainer) mail address.

exg-0.1 (Eiffel X Graphics(or Gtk+))

Use: software development
Keywords: XWindow, Gtk, SmallEiffel
Authors: Paul C. Janzen, Francois Pennaneach and Miron Brezuleanu
Licenses: MPL, LGPL
Maintainer: Miron Brezuleanu

It is a library of C code and Eiffel classes (mainly) which should help you develop X Window applications using a Gtk+ (version 1.1.8 is supposed to be the earliest version usable - now I use 1.2.1 for development). It consists mainly of gtk-eiffel 0.03 by Paul Janzen and Francois Penneneach. It is a heavily modified version; many place-holder classes are now useful, and event wrapping is done. There are other modifications, the sources and the ChangeLog should contain a fairly complete list.

Another add-on is a turtle graphics library (actually just two classes). There is also a simple project generator (outputs the Makefile, gtk_cecil, loadpath.se, etc. files for a brand new project). A simple wrapping to Imlib is now in place.

This is also portable to Win32 using Gtk+ Win32 and Cygwin32 Beta 20.1! The porting isn't yet automatized, but it works! (Although the port of Gtk+/Gdk to Win32 is MUCH more unstable than the Linux version, it's nice to have just one source and two OSes supported!)

To get started check out the tutorial!

Hopefully this will grow into something useful.

Miron Brezuleanu: mbrez-@alpha.imag.pub.ro
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/mbrezu/
21 January 2000 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 04 February 2000)

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