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eSwirl: a swirl generator

Written by Miron Brezuleanu.

Version 0.1

eswirl-0_1.tgz (16,000 bytes) - source code
mbrez-@alpha.imag.pub.ro Miron Brezuleanu (maintainer) mail address.

eSwirl: a swirl generator

Program: eSwirl
Author: Miron Brezuleanu
License: GPL (see COPYING)
Category: Amusements, possibly useful for image generation Tools&libs used: SmallEiffel, Gtk+, EXG

This is a simple program that attempts to generate the graphical outputs of the swirl screen-saver from the xscreensaver collection. It even tries to do better than the original `swirl'.

The idea is to provide the ability to control the `swirls' and save the output. So far it is only possible to control the colors and save the output. The number of planes is 3, and to change it you have to recompile. This will change in the future, of course.

Just type `make dist' to compile. You must have SmallEiffel, Gtk+ 1.2.0 (lower versions may or may not work) and EXG to be able to compile this program.

Have fun!

Miron Brezuleanu: mbrez-@alpha.imag.pub.ro
Home Page: http://www.geocities.com/mbrezu/
21 January 2000 (Added to Eiffel Forum Archive: 04 February 2000)

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