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Niwie 0.1 - The game of Neutron and Co-Neutron

Written by Frank Boehme.

niwie01_tar.gz (55,987 bytes) - source code
http://yeats.ucc.ie/~fboehme/niwie.html (The NiwiE home page)

By Frank Boehme

NiwiE is written in Eiffel

NiwiE is a little strategy game. I wrote this because I wanted to find out whether it is possible to write GUI applications in GNU Eiffel. Thank's to some bright coders, it is.

At the moment it does not play very tough. Once you have figured out a good opening, you can play this move again and again. This will give you the pleasure of creaming NiwiE consecutively. It is more interesting to avoid those moves. The next release will play be way stronger.


You'll need a computer with X-windows and a recent release of Gtk+. Although the program is written in Eiffel, you only need an ansii C-compiler to compile the package since the C-code is included.

Download NiwiE

This is the first public release. Please download the tar.gz source (56k)

Frank Böhme f.boehme@cs.ucc.ie
phone: +353-21-90-3163
fax: +353-21-90-3113

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