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Versant/Eiffel Interface

Written by Richie Bielak et al.

vers1_0.tgz (833,483 bytes) - the Versant/Eiffel Interface library source code
http://www.grator.org/ (Open Source Eiffel libraries home page)
http://www.grator.org/versant/ (Versant/Eiffel Interface home page)
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/ (Richie Bielak's home page)


This interface between Eiffel and Versant OODBMS has been developed as part of the Rainbow project at CALFP Bank. The development was started in early 1995 and today the library is used in the production version of Rainbow.

The current code has been used with ISE 4.2 and Halstenbach 3.0 compilers. We have used the library on Solaris 2.6, Windows NT 4.0 and Linux (RH 6.0). The code works with Versant OODBMS version 5.0.8.

The first release of the library is just a working snapshot of our current code. The Eiffel/Versant library is licensed under the Eiffel Forum License.


The Versant/Eiffel package consists of two parts:

To be able to use this library you need the following packages (which are not free:

What's new


CVS server is not active yet. You can download the current version from the Versant/Eiffel Interface home page.


The documentation is far from complete. If you'd have any specific suggestions or problems please let us know. We will fix it.

HTML documentation is available at the Versant/Eiffel Interface home page.

Known Problems

Mailing List

There is a mailing list at eGroups for discussion of this library. You can see the message archive and subscribe to list by going to:


Many people contributed code and ideas to this library. The main team consists of: Jean-Pierre Sarkis, Gurvan Lullien, Jean-Francois Zubillaga, Jacques Goldsmith, and Richie Bielak. Important design ideas were given to us by Philippe Stephan. Finally the database tools and testing programs were greatly improved by Paul Bethe.
Richard Bielak

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