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eGTK - Eiffel/Gtk Interface

Written by Richie Bielak et al.

eGTK_0_3_4_tar.gz (277,631 bytes) - the eGTK library source code
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/gtk_eiffel.html (Eiffel/Gtk home page)
http://www.lfix.co.uk/eiflib (CVS tree of the most recent version of the library)
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/ (Richie Bielak's home page)
http://www.gtk.org Download GTK+ from here-Eiffel/Gtk code has been tested with GTK+ 1.1.14.

Eiffel/Gtk Interface

Gtk+ is a widget toolkit for X-window systems. Gtk+ appears to be the most popular open source toolkit available today on Linux. Although Gtk+ was developed to work with X-windows, a port to MS Windows exists. In principle you should be able to use the eGTK Eiffel bindings with Gtk+ on Windows.

The main goal of the eGTK library is to be portable among the various Eiffel compilers. The development is done with ISE and SmallEiffel compilers. Ports to Halstenbach and Visual Eiffel will be done at a later date.

The compilers being used are:

Please note that you must use SmallEiffel -0.78 because that's the first version that supports environment variables in "loadpath.se" files.

What's new?


Current development team includes Dave E. Martin XIII, Oliver Elphick and Richie Bielak. Code was also contributed by Jörgen Tegne´r and we have "stolen" code and ideas from Francois Pennach and Paul Janzen's library.

Eiffel/Gtk Links

Applications written using Eiffel and one of the above bindings.


Current version: 0.3.2

Current code size: 11,500 LOC of Eiffel

Known problems:

TODO: - see the TODO files included in the archives. There is tons of work to be done.


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