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Emu Web Server

Written by Richie Bielak.

socket.tar.gz (26,430 bytes) — source code
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/emu/ (Emu home page)
http://www.netlabs.net/~richieb/ (Richie Bielak's home page)

What is it?

Emu stands for Eiffel Micro Web Server (think of "micro" represented by the Greek letter "mu" to get E-mu). Emu is a simple Web server written in Eiffel.

I wanted to try writing some Web Apps in Eiffel and I thought it would be nice to have an Eiffel Web server. I also wanted to learn more about http protocol. But once I thought of the name I liked the name so much that I had to write the code!

There are actually two parts to this package:

All the code in released under the Eiffel Forum license. Which basically says that you can use this code for any purpose, just send back any changes and improvements to of the library back to the Eiffel Forum (and the author). See the Eiffel Forum page for more details.

I'm using ISE's Eiffel 4.2, Red Hat Linux 5.1.

As always, comments, suggestions, and more code are welcome.


Download the library here: socket.tar.gz.

To compile Emu you will also need the Gobo Eiffel Library (version 1.3), which you can get from Eiffel-Forum.



Here is a short list of things I'm planning to do next:


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