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Gobo Eiffel

Written by Eric Bezault.

gobo15.zip (1,249,787 bytes) - source code
http://www.gobosoft.com/eiffel/gobo/ (Gobo Eiffel home page)
http://www.gobosoft.com/ (Eric Bezault's home page)


One of the main concerns of Gobo Eiffel is to provide you with Eiffel libraries and tools that are portable across various Eiffel compilers available on the market. That way, you can still use your favorite Eiffel compiler while taking advantage of the goodies included in this package.

The software included in this package is copyrighted freeware distributed under the terms and conditions of the Eiffel Forum Freeware License as specified in file forum.txt.


This package consists of five Eiffel libraries:

and three utilities:

New to Version 1.5

Among other things, it now supports both internal (a la Eiffelbase) and external cursors for container traversal, the documentation of the container library has been improved and there is a new cluster 'base' which provides Gobo's implementation to the main EiffelBase container classes.


The originality of this software compared to other already existing lex and yacc programs for Eiffel, apart from its portability on many Eiffel compilers, is that gelex and geyacc are entirely written in Eiffel using the lexical and parse libraries, making it possible to include gelex and geyacc functionalities in your own programs. On the other hand, care has been taken to make sure that the skeleton classes of gelex and geyacc were not dependent on classes other than those from the Eiffel kernel. In particular the output of gelex and geyacc can be included into your application without the overhead of the library classes provided in the Gobo Eiffel package (see http://www.gobosoft.com/eiffel/gobo/gelex/stages.html and http://www.gobosoft.com/eiffel/gobo/geyacc/stages.html for details).

The software provided in this distribution should work on any platform where supported Eiffel compilers are available. However this software has only been tested under Windows NT. As a consequence, the directory separator used through out this distribution is \, following Windows convention. However, since most Eiffel compilers use the notation $NAME for environment variables in their Ace files (or equivalent), this convention has been used instead of the Windowish %NAME%.


To install this package, copy the files to a directory of your choice on your disk and set the environment variable GOBO to that directory, known as the distribution directory. Also put the directory $GOBO\bin in your PATH.


The supported Eiffel compilers, in alphabetical order, are: Halstenbach 3.0Beta 3, ISE Eiffel 4.4.004, SmallEiffel -0.78, Visual Eiffel 3.1 Build 3899. For more details about the supported Eiffel compilers, please see the file Release_notes.txt. This software might work with other Eiffel compilers and/or other compiler versions, however no test has been made. To have a better understanding of the way this software has been designed and implemented, you can also have a look at http://www.gobosoft.com/eiffel/gobo/portability/.

In this distribution:

bin Windows 95/NT executables (gelex, geyacc, etc.)
doc Gobo Eiffel documentation in HTML format
doc\gelex gelex documentation in HTML format
doc\geyacc geyacc documentation in HTML format
doc\portability discussion about portability issues, in HTML
doc\structure Gobo Eiffel Structure Library documentation, in HTML
example\lexical\ascii2ps pretty-printer
example\lexical\calculator simple calculator (interface with iss-yacc)
example\lexical\eiffel scanner for the Eiffel language
example\lexical\gegrep grep-like program
example\parse\calc infix notation calculator (see geyacc doc)
example\parse\eiffel simple parser for Eiffel
example\parse\mcalc calculator with memory (see geyacc doc)
example\parse\rpcalc reverse polish notation calc (see geyacc doc)
library\kernel compiler-dependent kernel class adapters
library\lexical Gobo Eiffel Lexical Library classes
library\parse Gobo Eiffel Parse Library classes
library\structure Gobo Eiffel Structure Library classes
library\utility Gobo Eiffel Utility Library classes
misc miscellaneous files
src\gelex gelex source code
src\gepp gepp source code
src\geyacc geyacc source code

Each of the above directories is equipped with a Readme file providing some basic information. Documentation is also available on the Web at http://www.gobosoft.com. Check it out regularly for updates, bug fixes, workarounds and new releases.


Although the license allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with this software, I would be grateful to get your feedbacks, bug reports and/or bug fixes, improvements, etc. so that others could benefit from your work and ideas as well. I would also be interested in hearing about your projects and how easy (or difficult) it was to adapt this software for your specific needs. Thank you in advance.

Copyright 1999, Eric Bezault
4 October 1999

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