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Eiffel Language Support for Codewright

Written by Franck Arnaud

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"CWEIFFEL" is a DLL to support the Eiffel Language to the Codewright for Windows programmers editor from Premia.

It supports a few templates, smart indenting, and chromacoding for comments, keywords, integers and real numbers. Types following the style guidelines (uppercase) are coloured. Built-in types are coloured like normal types, not keywords.


The enclosed DLL is for Windows NT (intel) and has been tested with Codewright 3.1h. To install it, simply copy (or recompile if you use a different platfom) the DLL to the Codewright executable directory and edit your CWRIGHT.INI file. Under your [LibPreload] heading, add the following line:


Next time you start Codewright, the DLL will automatically be loaded. Don't forget to turn the chromacoding on (in the Buffer[File type] properties dialog).


makefile MS C makefile (for NT)
cweiffel.c C source
cweiffel.def DEF file
cweiffel.dll NT/386 binary
cweiffel.txt This file


This package is provided "as is" without any form of warranty. Use it at your own risk.


The package is based on codewright's bas.c. Premia has given permission to distribute the derived work without charge to other Codewright users.

Franck Arnaud

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