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Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
NiwiE - Neutron
27 January 1999
Frank Boehme
Strategy game - lets you play "Neutron" and "Co-Neutron" against the computer. Unix-requires X-windows and Gtk Public Domain
The Weighing Game
30 September 1998
David Clark
Puzzle / game. Run as a stand alone application or with a web based (cgi script) interface. ISE Eiffel 3.3.9 (Win95) and 3.3.7 (Sun) Public domain
The Virtual (and Partial) Train Set
29 September 1998
Andrew Jelavic
A small graphical train track simulation Visual Eiffel 2.3 Eiffel Forum Freeware License
Animal Guessing Game
3 August 1998
Richie Bielak
A first Eiffel program SmallEiffel Public domain
XCell 4.0A card game
4 June 1997
Robin van Ommeren
A card game inspired by Microsoft's FreeCell but with many more features. Windows 95 or NT Public domain

Graphs and Drawing

Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
eSwirl: a swirl generator
21 January 2000
Miron Brezuleanu
generates the graphical outputs of the swirl screen-saver from the xscreensaver collection SmallEiffel -0.77 beta* GPL
15 July 1997
Harald Lauer & others at University of Tübingen
A tool for graph layout and visualization TowerEiffel source, or binaries for Solaris 2.x or Linux 2.0.x Free for non-commercial use, no redistribution


Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
DOG - The Linux Bookmark Organizer
24 October 1999
Pirmin Kalberer
An application for managing bookmarks SmallEiffel and Visual Eiffel MPL
Calculator IV
24 August 1999
J.Scott Edwards
A simple four function calculator that uses the Eiffel-GTK library RedHat Linux 6.0 using SmallEiffel -0.78 and eGTK 0.3.2. Eiffel Forum Freeware License
Magic Browser v3.2GL
30 September 1998
The Digital Window Ltd
HTML browser written in Eiffel Visual Eiffel 2.5 on Windows 95/NT GNU GPL
9 September 1998
James Gessling
A simplified version of the Windows NT user manager for domains Visual Eiffel and Display Machine 2.5 under Windows NT Public domain


Name, Version, Author Description Platform(s) Licensing
MAS - object-oriented financial analysis software
14 Jul 1999
Jim Cochrane
Application with tools for analysis of financial markets Targets ISE Eiffel on Linux Eiffel Forum Freeware License
30 September 1998
Peter Horan
Predict the batting performance of a cricket team. Three implementations (OO, recursive and procedural) are provided and compared. ISE Eiffel 4.1 Public domain
Midi2C25: MIDI to Siemens C25 cell phone ring tone converter
3 January 2000
Andreas Leitner
Midi2C25 takes a standard MIDI file and gives you the instructions on how to program a Siemens C25 to use the corresponding ring tone. SmallEiffel -0.77 Beta#4 GPL
DigiChip 1.0
October 1999
Loris Bindoni
Create and test electronic circuit based on TTL logic. Elj-Win32 v0.4 & above (Smalleiffel -0.78 and above + Grape) Eiffel Forum Freeware License
Referendum: a drop-in SmallEiffel web application for on-line communities
4 February 2000
Lyn Headley
  • a drop-in web application used for understanding and empowering on-line communities through the democratic process, based on a completely open source foundation.
  • An efficient and flexible open-source web application framework for Eiffel programmers, called ewe and based on Apache, the Fast-CGI web application architecture
  • a testbed for the future development of Eiffel libraries in such areas as databases, XML, internet protocols and multithreading (all are areas in which I see the project developing in the future)
SmallEiffel -0.77 beta* Eiffel Forum Freeware License

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